Few Minutes in our Life - Tamil Short Film

FEW MINUTES IN OUR LIFE - This is my First Short Film done with much effort completely and in my best knowledge... This film tells the fact of happening for the students in the college who suffered.. I just given the social message to all.. And it is dedicated to all college students...

Please don't expect this movie as a entertainment... It is the message to all..:)

[video src="/wp-content/video/Few_Minutes.mp4"]

Written and Directed by VISWANATH AP

Cinematography: Viswan Fotografie

Editing and Sound Mix: Viswan

DI Colorist: Viswan Fotografie

Stills and Designs: Viswan

Casts: Chandni Batheja, Sowmya Rajan

Camera Used: Canon EOS 600D
Lens: 18 - 135mm
Lighting: Natural light.
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