The robbers who stole the bank with Dangerous weapons in Britain

The video on the incident has been revealed by the thieves in the bank with terrorized weapons in Britain.
Three maimed robbers, including chain guns, looted money on Tuesday evening at Santander Bank in Ramsbottom, Britain's Greater Manchester area.
The police have issued a video related to this and said they would immediately inform the person about the information.
The police told us about the incident, last Tuesday night we were informed at 07.30 local time.
The thieves who came with bad weapons have stolen money from the Van to bring the money to the bank and take the money inside.
They have attacked some bank employees. But they have minor injuries.
The thieves have drove the red Ford Focus car. The car hit another car in the same area of stealing. It has been complaining about it.
But since the thieves have not been arrested, we have released a video about it. The police said that the video was taken by a nearby person during the incident.

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