Female suspect dead after shooting at YouTube headquarters

Three women were reportedly living in a string of firearms carried out by a woman in the YOUTUBE headquarters in the US.The YouTube headquarters is located in San Puno, 11 miles from San Francisco, north of the state of California in the United States.

It was reported yesterday that three people were in a serious condition and one was admitted to hospital with injuries, when the staff were eating yesterday afternoon.Three women have been injured in the shooting in a Google company. However, the woman who shot the shot himself committed suicide.

One of the men in the incident said the woman had shot and first shot her towards her lover and then shot to the staff.If more than about 20 times fired, the office said there was blood all over the stairs.
Within minutes, the police are rushed to the area and are looking for safe recoveries inside the office and checking if anyone else is inside.
The police claimed that it was not possible to be a terrorist attack, but the woman claimed that she was shot dead.
Police informed the hospital and recovered the injured. Further investigation is ongoing. However, the details of the girl who shot the gun did not come out.
The Google CEO "There are no words to describe the tragedy that has happened today. We will support our employees at this difficult time. Thanks to all the helpers including the police. "

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