World Cup cricket - The qualifying round starts tomorrow

10 teams, including the West Indies, will begin tomorrow at the Zimbabwe Qualifying Round of the World Cup.The 2nd World Cup cricket match will be held in England from May 30 to July 14, 2019. The number of teams has been reduced from 14 to 10 due to criticism that the competition of smaller teams will make the competition less interesting.

8 teams from South Africa, New Zealand, India, Australia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and England played the best eight positions in one-day tournament rankings on 30th September last year, respectively, to qualify for the 2019 World Cup.

The former champion West Indies were unable to qualify directly because they were ranked 9th in the rankings.The remaining two teams are selected through the qualifying round. Accordingly, the qualifying round of the World Cup cricket tournament starts from tomorrow until on Sunday (25th Sunday) in Zimbabwe. The 10 teams in the qualifying round are divided into two groups.

The 'A' category includes Ireland, Netherlands, Papua New Guinea, United Arab Emirates and West Indies, 'B' in Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Nepal, Scotland and Zimbabwe. Each team needs to clash once more with other teams in their segment. At the end of the league, teams that have the first 3 seats in both divisions will enter Super Six rounds.

In the Super Six round, each team must cross each other with three other teams that do not meet in the league round. At the same time, the league will be able to take the right team to the Super Six round. At the end of Super Six, the top two teams will be able to finish the final and qualify for the World Cup.

The West Indies' team, which had won the World Cup twice, was once stronger. But now the little team has changed. The team, headed by Jason Holder, has team-mates named Chris Gayle, Evan Lewis, Samuels and Pradeway.

The West Indies team, with 115 runs against the United Arab Emirates in one of the training grounds, had some success with the score. The West Indies team, which has not yet lost any World Cup tournament, has been in trouble to save that history.

West Indies, Zimbabwe, the newly received Test status Afghanistan and Ireland in that 4 teams, two of them is projected to reach the offer in the World Cup. The zimbabwe pitch is a little slow and the spinners can have an impact.

4 league games are held on the first day of the qualifying round. Afghanistan-Scotland, Papua New Guinea-United Arab Emirates, Ireland-Netherlands and Zimbabwe-Nepal are in danger. All matches start at 1pm. The West Indies will face the United Arab Emirates in Harare on 6th in their first match.
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