The person who fought for the burning fire in the car: the worst thing that people did there

A taxi driver in South Africa is burned alive-and-executed incident.There are occasional confrontations for taxi drivers running on the App, including Uber, Taxi, and other normal meter-based drivers.The issue in this case, in part due to the country's Pretoria one taxi cab driver, with his Chevrolet Aveo car was burnt.

When the burned car went back and ran in one place and jerking with the driver, the people were busy taking a video without resting the driver.luckily the driver has escaped after his car was petrol bombed.

Last year an Uber driver was horrifically burned and left on the critical list when his vehicle was set on fire near the Loftus Versveld Stadium also in Pretoria.

He had been waiting to pick up fares coming out after a rugby match between the Springboks and France when it was thought a petrol bomb hit his car, turning it into a fireball.

The internet users have been saying that this is a bad people.
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