The big fire in the commercial premises: 35 people killed, and lots of magic

The shocking news has been reported that 35 people were killed in a serious fire accident in a commercial complex in Kemerovo, Russia.

A fugitive firefight and rescue crew was involved in a rapid-fire after a fire broke out at the Kemerovo city shopping complex.

Most people were looking for their relatives. At least 35 people have been killed in this accident.It has also revealed that 19 bodies have been recovered so far from the theatre.

Authorities have expressed fear that the number of casualties will increase as the number of migrants increases, and it may cross 100.
More than 40 children, including 69, have been reported missing. A fire was reported on Sunday afternoon.

About 12 hours after the fire has been fully restrained.The commercial premises of the accident were severely damaged. Police sources reported that the roof and some parts of the building were collapsing.

It is the most terrible accident in the past 27 years after the collapse of Soviet Russia.

Russia Complex Fire

Russia Complex Fire
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