Simple ways to reduce body weight!

hot girlProper diet and proper gym to reduce body weight should be careful in preventing the level of fats in the body, as do drastic exercise. If you avoid eating foods that you eat, you should not think that your body weight will soon decrease.




Old dressSome will follow this inappropriate method to reduce weight to the old dress. So if you follow such a wrong method, you will definitely be unhealthy. So when we first count on body weight reduction, we need to take proper steps to reduce body weight, thinking that "body weight is slow enough".




amount of food consumedThe amount of food consumed to reduce body weight should be low. This will reduce the amount of fat in the body. Do not avoid food for this. If you have dietary control, the amount of fat in the body will decrease. Normally, if you have 2 cups of rice every day, you must eat 1 cup of body weight.




Fruits n VegetablesInstead of eating foods rich in fried and calorie, intermediate fruits and vegetables can be eaten as salads. If you are avoiding eating and drinking time, then eating cucumber, tomato, and onion is a good thing to eat. If you eat citrus fruits orange and lemon, the unwanted fat in the body will dissolve.




ExerciseExercise is one of the activities that make the body more relaxed. When you go to such a gym, the fatty choles are dissolved in the body. If you continue to do the exercise routine every day from 30 to 45 minutes, the body will quickly become perfect.




Lemon juice and honey drinkLemon juice and honey drink with hot water is a healthy drink that helps reduce body weight. In this juice, the acid in the lemon dissolves the fat that stays in the body. And the honey in it will greatly help reduce weight. So drink this juice 3 to 4 times daily after eating.




saltIf you add salt to your diet, the water in the body will decrease. So after eating, drinking too much water drinks, and then the belly is bigger. So you should avoid the salt in the diet without cutting it and avoid artificial sweeteners. Because artificial sweeteners are high in calories.




The main thing in reducing the cap on the body is watering too much. This stimulates the stomach and eliminates the toxins throughout the body, increasing the bowel movement.
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