Police took selfie in front of the car in Britain had been Accident: Inside the woman's condition?

Two police have taken the selfie and uploaded them to social networks in front the accident car in Britain.There is currently heavy snowfall in Britain. It has issued a stern warning to the people.

A car in the Salisbury area is in a state of a crash. The police immediately rushed there and instantly sent the victim to the hospital.Then two police took the selfie and uploaded it on the Facebook page of the car after the accident.In that, a few photos do not need words, just like this, drive carefully when driving vehicles. There was no injury to anyone in this accident.


Saw a woman named Georgia Oak, who said that this was my car and that I was in the accident. After seeing this photo, my mother realized that it was my car, and immediately came to the hospital.Thank you for the help of the police and otherwise I have no other injuries.

This photo is spreading in social networks as some people have noticed the details of the incident, but the police said that they had taken care of the victim without having to wait for the accident.Furthermore, it was noteworthy that the police had taken selfie to hide the car's number plate during the accident.
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