Passenger plane crashed on the house: 10 people killed, including children

One of the smallest passengers Plane has been crashed on the house, by a plane crash that killed 10 people in the Philippines.
PA-23, a small passenger plane leave from the plaridel airport runway including airline passengers with 5 people, set sail at around 11.21 am local time in the Philippines.
At 11.30 am, a little bit of departure fell into a nearby village.A total of 10 people have died as three children, 2 women and five on board were killed when a fallen crashed plane fell into a house.

The media reported that the plane owned by Lite Express was suddenly collapsed due to a technical problem.

A total of five passengers and passengers were travelling on the plane, while the plane fell on the house and reported that the family inside had been eating.
Furthermore, the incident is being investigated.


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