North Korean leader Kim's Chinese visit: 6 interesting information

It is confirmed that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visited China.Kim was in China from March 25 to 28 at the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping. China and the North Korean media reported that negotiations between the two leaders were "successful".

The time of Kim's journey
This is Kim's first foreign trip after becoming the president in 2011. Also, Kim will soon meet South Korean President Moon Jae-in and US President Barack Obama.
Kim returned to Beijing and both countries confirmed his visit. The safety procedure was kept secret for the safety reasons.
"My first foreign trip is no doubt that Beijing is the Chinese capital," Kim said.
Kim's father, Kim Jong-il, also chose China in 2000.
North Korea President
Interestingly, North Korea's media reported that Kim decided to make South Korea and US tours. But Beijing has also been accepted by both sides to call Chinese President.

Kim traveled by train
The rumors that Kim went to China was because the "special train" was entered into Beijing.Many people saw Kim's father as a train to travel overseas, with a "dark green-yellow strip".But there were some of the trainings mentioned for the two trains.

Kim Jong-wai's seats were red in color. However, Kim Jong-lin train seats are said to be brown."Kim Jong-il appears to have changed the train and the registration has changed slightly," South Korean newspaper Soul Ibobi said.

Travel times
Chinese and North Korean media reported that although Kim's Chinese trip was "unofficial", there was no shortage of reception given to him.The "Great Ceremony" was held at the Great Hall of People in Beijing.

Kim traveled in a series of 20 luxury cars. There was an emergency medical vehicle in that serial.KCNA, North Korea's news agency, described how these 21 vehicles went to Kim's sequence.

The tone of the journey
Kim was very quiet in the videos broadcasted by the Chinese media, rather than the videos broadcasted in the North Korean media.In a Chinese media photo, Kim, who stood beside Shi Jinping, was able to see the wives of both the leaders were smiling.

The next important issue of Chimney Kim's Chinese journey is his wife Ri Soul-Ju. He also participated in this journey.According to the South Korean news agency Yohannah, a North Korean leader has stated that his wife's participation in the foreign trip is not a natural matter and it is "breaking down" the way the leaders from the Kim had previously observed.

Earlier this month, Kim met with South Korean officials at Pyongyang, where his wife Rey was present.The experts in Korea, in many meetings, say that his wife's remuneration with President Kim is a means of reflecting the North Korean leader as the most gentle leader.

Travel chart
After meeting with Chinese high officials, President Kim also visited the exhibition "to show the discovery achievement" of China's Scientific Board of Management, the country's governing body.Kim wrote in the book of observers, "I feel the strength of neighboring China, christian louboutin uk, that China will achieve great scientific achievements," he said.

One of the country's finest research institutes is the Chinese Science Association. Kim does not know why this was chosen.In the past, North Korean leaders have visited various cities during Chinese travel.
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