How was the 17-hour trip from Australia to Britain? Here is a traveling experience

A The London-based QF9 passenger Plane from Australia's Perth city, travelled by 200 passengers and 16 aircrews to record a historic record of 17 hours 20 minutes at Heathrow Airport.

From Australia to Britain, there are seven stops and 4 days between us, but we have now completed the journey in 17 hours.
One traveller who has travelled about this experience has shared.
Travelling was a very good experience. Foods offered were very delicious. Even if you eat them and fill your stomach, the stomach will not be heavy.
Free snacks, foods and drinks are packed and placed in a cupboard, where the passengers can go and eat.
The food provided is very standard and designed for jet lag to sleep on the plane. Seating facilities are also good.
While sleeping, masks, earbuds, blanket and toothbrush to brush your teeth are also provided.
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