France hero police officer's death

The police officer died shortly after the arrest of a hostile detainee in France yesterday on a terrorist attack in France.
the president of France praised the saying that the officer Lt-Col Arnaud Beltram is hero. The assaulted Redouane Lactime was shot dead.

Lt-Col Arnaud Beltram dared to release a woman who was a prisoner and went into a supermarket in a supermarket.As he turned on his phone , the police outside were asking directly what was happening inside.The noise heard from gun,then the police attacked by gunshots.

Lt-Col Arnaud was also injured when a terrorist was killed in the attack.Shortly before the police reported that he had died in the hospital, he was struggling to survive.

Lt-Col Arnaud Beltram 1

Lt-Col Arnaud Beltram 2
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