9 crore fine for Actor Vadivelu

In the production of Shankar, Vadivelu's hero Imsai arasan the 23rd Pulikesi movie was released in 2006 and successfully went on.Simbudevan was the producer.Shankar planned to produce the second part of the film with the name Imsai arasan 24th Pulikesi and signed Vadivelu with a pay advance payment of Rs.1.50 crores.

Director Simbudevan started shooting the film at a cost of Rs6 crore near Chennai.But they complained that vadivelu was interfering with the screenplay and refusing to wear the costumes of the crew.Vadivelu stopped going to the shooting with a disagreement with Simbudevan.

So, director Shankar complained to the producers association on Vadivelu. Actor association issued the notice and asked Vadivelu to explain.Producers' Association has taken the final decision on this issue at present. It has been reported that Vadivelu will be involved in filming, or if he has to pay Rs 9 crores with interest in the amount of Rs 6 crore and advance amount spent by the filmmakers to set up the stage.

Following this, Vadivelu agreed to act in the film and will be filmed shortly afterward.So soon the film begins the happiness of everyone.
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