What is the meaning of the six arms in the Kamal Party flag? The answer he gave

Kamal Hassan has said that their party's policy is to make people doing what others do not fail to do.
Kamal Haasan started a political party called People's Justice.
Kamal, intellectuals, scholars and educators, who interviewed the present media, said that the decision would be to strengthen the party.
I told the scientific that the meeting yesterday did not come to see the cinema star, but the number of people who came to the meeting.
We do not want to go to caste and religion and you are asking about my policies. Your party's policy is to do what you have failed to do.
For the question asked to explain the party flag, labor is red and white.
The black Dravidian and the eight-pointed star represents the people.
Six hands would refer to six states, including puthuvai.

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