US school shoots: 17 dead, 50 injured

17 students were reportedly shot dead by a masked person entering a high school in the province of Florida in the United States.

The police arrested the 19-year-old former student Nicolas de Jesus Cruz in this case

He is said to have carried out this brutal attack because he was driven out of school due to disorder.

However, the police said that after the trial, there will be definitive information.

The person who entered the Majory Stoneman Douglas high school, located in the Parkland area of Florida province, has launched this attack.

Even though the situation has been put in control of the present school, the gunman has been found to be mentally out of the area and is engaged in searching for the police.

Meanwhile, a school student is fighting with the person involved in the shooting.

The local media reported that the victims were being delivered to the hospital after being recovered and injured.


US school shoots
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