The transgender girl who had migrated to her child for the first time in the world

The transgender was the first person in the world who gave birth to her baby.

Not to mention the 30-year-old transgender name, he approached the doctors Tamar Reisman and Zil Goldstein, a few months ago in the United States's Mount Sinai Center.

She said that her partner was pregnant and that she did not want to breed after birth.

She also said that she is willing to breastfeed after the baby's birth.

This is followed by hormone replacement therapy every three months.

Sexual Restructuring, Breast Augmentation Orchiectomy or Vaginoplasty.

This effort by doctors is noted in the Transgender Health Daily.

The first transgender baby in the world can feed the first six weeks.

Especially in Canada, it has been suggested that the drug Domperidone should be taken three times daily for 10 milligrams.

Additionally, you can continue breastfeeding for six months by adding other nutritious foods.
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