The former president, 30-year Imprisonment?

Former president of South Korea Park Geun-hye (age 66). Choi Soon-sil is a close friend of the woman leader.
Both of them acted in illegal ways and took advantage of leading industries, claiming that they were bribing large amounts of money. Because of this, Park Geun-hye lost post last year.
She is arrested and the trial is in progress. She has been accused of involvement in bribing, misuse of power, revealing state secrets, including 18 charges.
In this case, the prosecution lawyers filed a plea for a 30-year jail term in Seoul's federal district court.
In a report submitted to the court, "In this case, should be given 30 years imprisonment to Park Geun-hye.
And the $ 110 million fine will be imposed.
She was the 18th president of the country and should be held responsible for the ongoing corruption.
Ms Park was officially ousted in March 2017, following parliament's decision to impeach her. She was the country's first democratically elected president to be forced from office.
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