Tamil girl exposed the truth in Canada and become Famous.

The media has reported that a Tamil woman has been selected for the future Citizenship Leadership Program in Canada. Tamil woman Abi Jeyaratnam is selected as Toronto's future immigration head of the region.

Toronto is a city of about 50 percent of the immigrants who live in minority. Abi Jayaratnam serves as a professor of architecture and centennial college of the chief trust.

She is also engaged in discussions with students and community shareholders about social justice. Abi Jayaratnam, deeply rooted in the Tamil tradition, is interested in saving and telling Tamil stories through mixed media art. She grew up in Jane and Finch's refugee family and devoted herself to building a city that would approach her with his personal struggles.

Abi Appointed at the Quality and Responsibility Office of the Council, Toronto is participating in the suggestions of the Youth Equity Organization. Speaking at various social platforms, she struggles with the problems of poverty through her work on the source of education, helping people to approach education and fighting for the negative impact of racism.

In the series "Toronto is Failing Me", Abi has exposed the growing income gap in Toronto and is recognized as one of Toronto's top 30 Tamil female agents. The media has released more information as she is popular.

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