Sridevi: Tamil cinema lost angel

In Telugu cinema, Kolachi is a Telugu cinema and Sri Devi, who is the queen of Hindi cinema, is still fond of Tamil fans.
Sri Devi was the first film to be a child artist in 1969. She is also a child star in Malayalam the same year. The next year was introduced in Telugu cinema. There are none other in India as the leading actresses who act in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi in Tamil language.
Sridevi has acted in 72 films from Tamil cinema and Tiger in 2015. Her first film in Hindi, Julie in 1975. Prior to his death, the serial film he played with Shahrukh might be Sridevi's last film. The number of films that he has featured in Hindi from Julie to Zero is 72.
His films are much more than that in Telugu. He has acted in 83 films. However, when he died in Dubai, the Indian media, regarded as Bollywood heroine, was grieved.
Now she is a great dancer of Tamil cinema fans in Tamil cinema from 1975 to 1986 as she is now widely viewed as a Hindi actress.
"Viji Jayanthi Mala, Rekha and Hema Malini have gone to Hindi cinema from Tamil Nadu but the height of Sri Devi is very big.
Sridevi was known among all Indian cinema fans in the mid-80s, "senior cinema journalist S Rajasekar pointed out, as he points out, Sri Devi was the only superstar who came from Hindi cinema to southern cinema.
'Innocence and beauty '
In the period when Sri Devi was acting in Tamil, Lata, Manjula, Sarada, Sujatha, Shri Priya and many others were acting heroes, but they never had any innocence with Sridevi. The writer Devi Bharati says that it was unique to him.
Devi Babar said that she had acted in the early days of 16 years as a lady in the film, three nodding saint, red rose.
Sridevi got a chance to get the heroines in the Tamil film industry at that time. From the 75s to the 80s, the heroines have come up with a number of highlights. Most of them were heroine Sridevi.
Moondru Mudichu ,at the age of 16, Ilaya Rani Rajalakshmi, Worshiped by the love story, Red Roses, Priya, Kalyanaraman, Lakshmi, Jani, Pigeon's color red, Gokaligala, Live magic, and Third Parvati.
Childhood shining as a great star
"At that time, she did not compete with the beauty of the girl, the devotion and the dedication of the woman in the mind of the woman in the mind of Sridevi, and Sripriya and Sujata can not say that," says Devi Bharati.
In the eyes of Sri Devi there was a beautiful and innocuous one. Devi Bharti has said that Tamil cinema is the best use of it. For instance, at the age of 16 film , he indicated that the closure of Sri Devi's eyes was shown on the screen for a long time.
that was very helpful during the period of Sridevi. The period of MGR and Sivaji came to an end, and the Rajini-Kamal period started. Bharathiraja pointed out that Tamil cinema was moving to the next level by the age of 16. Rajasekhar says that Sri Devi was the only one who fit this period.
"It's a big tragedy for Tamil cinema and it is even more sad that even his body will not come to Tamil Nadu," says Devi Bharati.
At this time, the devotees of the 70s have been tearing tears of thinking about Sri Devi.

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