Sridevi begins her last journey

Sridevi's body was set up at the Celebration Sports hall in Andheri , Mumbai, where his funeral procession began.
Fans who spoke that earlier, the sridevi's body was closed by the flowers.
They said that they were allowed to see from about 50 feet from the place where the body was kept.
Her family said that the funeral will be held from Celebration Sports hall at 2pm.
The actress Sridevi was died in a hotel in Dubai and arrived in Dubai at 9.35 pm on Tuesday.
Boney Kapoor,Boney Kapoor's son Arjun Kapoor, Boney Kapoor's younger brother Sanjay Kapoor, returned to India with Sridevi's body.
While coming to Mumbai airport, Bonnie Kapoor's younger brother Anil Kapoor, his daughter Sonam Kapoor and businessman Anil Ambani were present.
Thanks to her family members for the cooperation and prayers offered to the media, screening and fans of Sridevi.
For funeral rites, Mumbai was taken to the home of Sridevi-Bonnie Kapoor in the Green Acres apartment in Andheri.
Family members and close friends arrived at midnight and paid homage to Sridevi's body.
On Tuesday evening, the police granted permission to embalming actress Sridevi's body.
This information was posted on the official Twitter page of the Indian Consulate in Dubai.
It was reported that the Dubai Police had issued a letter of permission to Sri Devi's family and the Indian Embassy to embalming Sridevi's dead body.
The forensic department report said on Monday that the actress was drowning in a bathtub in the Hotel.Furthermore, the report also stated that there was a trace of alcohol in her body.

Conclusion After the hearing:
After the procedures and inquiries carried out to know the circumstances of the death and the establishment of the law and the truth, the Dubai Police Department said that it was decided to hand over her body to the family of Sridevi.

Her family said that his body would be burned at 3.30 pm at Wile Parle Seva Samaj Chakha in SV Road.
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