Sri Lanka Army to Lebanon for UN peacekeeping operations

Sri Lankan Army

A group of Sri Lankan troops will visit Lebanon to engage in peacekeeping operations in the United Nations.Lebanon will travel as a 12th security force.Sri Lanka's Defense Force Division consists of 10 officers and 140 Army personnel from the Sri Lanka Sinhalese Army, Sri Lanka Engineering Force, Mechanical Infantry Division, Commando Brigade,The military said it would take up the Sri Lankan military brigade , the Sri Lanka Army Police Service Brigade and the Army General Service Brigade.Its first party (seven commanders including command officers and forty-three soldiers) will be on a tour in the third week of February.

Lieutenant Colonel RW of the commander-in-command of the commander for this group Q. Haywake and the soldiers will travel from February 18-19 to March 6, 2018.

Lebanon's security services are in collaboration with the Security Forces headquarters in Nakura.

In 2010, the Sri Lankan Army provided 11 soldiers for Lebanon's service. These were launched in 1978 and the Sri Lankan Army sent a man in 2010.

In this regard, the army said that the first Sri Lankan military lion's soldier was sent in 2012 and the second phase.
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