Qingana Bhuvaneshwar Kumar: Create a new record

Bhuvneshwar Kumar hit five wickets in the first T20 match of the World Twenty20 match between India and South Africa.
In the first T20 match between India and South Africa, India scored 203 runs.
Hendricks (70) and behardien (39), who had played regularly in the South Africa, were replaced by India's victory.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar handed the wicket to Henriques.
He took the first 3 wickets, scoring another wicketkeeper, Classen (16) and Morris (0), and took 5 wickets.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar has also scored a record 5 wickets in all competitions in the tournament. In the Test series 4 times, one day and T20 match has been reduced to 5 wickets.
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