Need more scholarship: Germany, which forces the European Union

Germany has demanded that the European Union pay higher subsidies to countries that accept a large number of refugees.
Hungary, Poland and some countries have refused to accept refugees under the EU relocation scheme introduced after the refugee issue of 2015, but these countries receive more aid from the European Union.
In this situation, Berlin wants to pay much of the next year's EU budget for countries that respect the European Union's core policies, including immigration and legislation.
Germany's plan is to use more funds for the education and training of the people of the European Union and the internal structures so that they can no longer be used for other projects.
That amount is expected to be spent to help countries that accept a large number of refugees.
Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, has publicly stated that "everyone should play a role in the big challenges like immigration", as Germany already has the highest amount of money to the European Union.
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