Most KFC restaurants closure in Britain: meat stealing video is released

Most KFC restaurants in the UK are closed due to lack of meat.
The US-based KFC company holds thousands of stores around the world and the flavor of the sale of chicken is attracting people.
According to KFC, the meat industry has been affected by a small problem with KFC and DHL.
The KFC administration has announced that it has close to 700 restaurants in a total of 900 KFC restaurants.
In this case, workers working at a branch of KFC have stolen poultry meat.
Theft occurred in a video taken by someone close to the KFC restaurant in south London's Erith.
The video was recorded on the video showing the processed chicken meat of about 6 black bags from KFC's uniformed wearing of the restaurant from the back of the restaurant to the Volvo car.

He told the media that he thought the KFC administration was taking meat to increase savings due to meat shortages.
"Since we will not compromise on the quality of our food, we have closed many of our restaurants. We have strict policies to ensure its safety when handling meat transportation, so we are in a hurry to investigate this theft, and we will take the necessary measures, "said Mercer, manager of KFC's restaurant.


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