Hungry Calais Refugees: The French government plan to Provide

The French government has said that it has decided to provide food to the hungry Calais forest refugees.
President Emmanuel Macron visited the Calais Forest area in mid January this year.
Where he saw hungry refugees, and Prime Minister Ettuva Phillip has announced that he has been ordered to provide the refugees who live in the forest area.
Furthermore, the government's new plan will come into effect on March 6th, when private NGOs are providing food and basic needs for refugees.
Not only that, the refugee camp in the area was cleared by the government in 2016 and now only a few hundred refugees live in the forest.

One of the most pressing needs in the Jungle, as in any refugee camp, is food: there is some provision, but the majority of the 6.000 people go hungry every single day there.
The conditions are awful beyond - what we encountered in the Jungle of the image still haunts me. No Sanitation, no healthcare, no security, no refuse collection, and no roads - just mud tracks full of litter and stinking of human detritus.
Fires break out, as people are forced to light piles of damp wood to cook and keep warm in their tents. But there s no fire brigade, just where social media calls for urgent fire extinguishers, sand buckets and go out.
At mealtimes, the place is crammed inside, while a long queue forms outside. Plates are frantically washed, dried and reused immediately. There is never enough to feed everyone.
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