Growing crimes against Jews in Germany

A report has shown that in Germany the crimes against Jews are on the rise.The police released four crimes against the Jews in 2017, according to the report.

The Police Report reported that 1400 crimes against Jews last year were recorded, and most of them were carried out by right-wing extremism and Nazism policies.Crimes carried out last year include 32 violent crimes, 160 property damages, and 898 hate detention crimes.

The German government expects this figure to be further boosted as this statistic is not yet complete.1377 crimes, or 95 percent of the offenses committed by right-wing extremist organizations.

33 crimes were carried out against non-Muslim non-Muslim Jews abroad.25 crimes were born in foreign countries, or religiously performed by German Muslims.17 The purpose of the crimes was not correct.

Growing crimes against Jews in Germany

Last year, a bill to pass draconian laws to deal with crimes against Jews in the German parliament was passed.A Commissioner's office will be set up to implement and implement plans to crush the perceptions and crimes against the Jews.
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