Go out! Sikhs who have thought of themselves as Muslim in Britain

A man who hit a Sikh in Britain has been stunned by a blaze that has gone out of Muslims.
Ravneet Singh from EcoSeek, Punjap, India has gone to attend a conference in Britain's parliament.
He went there and was waiting outside to see London parliamentarian Tanmanjeet Singh Desi in Parliament.
One person came there and took her head. Ravneet thought that he was mad.
Then the person who came back hurt him and ripped off his turban.
The police immediately rushed there.Ravneet Singh who was attacked by The person was forced to go out of the muslim to get out.
Ravneet Singh has spoken in this regard in Parliament. The police have been searching that person recorded by the CCTV cameras.
In the United States, it was customary to assume that Sikhs were Muslim, and it is noteworthy that the incident happened in Britain too.
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