Caste defamation, Dalit student suicide because of not paying Exam fees

Sai Preeti was studying in class 9 at the Jyoti Model School in Malkajgiri, Hyderabad. Her father is working in a private company and mother works in local supermarket. The student who wrote a suicide note said, "I'm sorry, mummy, I'm not allowed to take the exam school."

"Sai Pretti went to school yesterday morning and back home early, The teacher did not allow her to write the exam because she did not pay Exam fees and said that she was talking caste in front of other students," her sister Sai Latha told the BBC.

Sai Latha went to bank while Pretti watching videos on her cellphone. when latha back home from bank pretti was hanged herself and found as a dead body. Speaking to the BBC komarayya malkajkiri police inspector, in connection with the suspected student suicide death and Abuse Prevention Act in a lawsuit against the school administration have been reported on the investigation said.

Hyderabad's Parents Federation's co-secretary Venkat Sainath said that the government's failure to suppress the school's fees and the government's claim that it will not protect women's rights.
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