Brutal racist attack on Sri Lankan in Australia

A Sri Lankan ruthless racist attack on the road in Australia's Melbourne area. The case was heard on the 22nd of November last year.
Peddie was struck by the last 22 years ago has gone from Sri Lanka to Australia.

One of the people in New Zealand is kicking the Sri Lankan about the video footage now. Although Peddie has left the attacker, the person has been able to observe the continuation of the video. The Sri Lankan warned that his friend was recording this video.

Nevertheless, the New Zealander has repeatedly kicked him up using the wrong words. How can we live in this country if such a racist attack happens? How can I look after my family? My family is dependent on my duty to this. How will life happen if such threats happen? Peddie said in a press release.

This incident caused my sadness. For a few weeks I could not walk. He has blamed that the security provided to the Australian population is not enough. The court has confirmed that Peddie's feet were damaged at this stage. The court has ordered the court to appear before the court on April 24 , as the court is expected to order to transfer to the country a 21-year-old suspect in connection with the case.

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