Britain will face severe cold in the coming week: the weather center warns


The Meteorological Center warned that Britain might be facing cold weather in the coming week as cold winds, called 'Beast from the East', are sinking from Siberia.
This is expected to fall to temperatures-10C (14F) in Scotland on Sunday night, with snowfall expected in many areas, including southern Britain.

The fog can last for the first half of March, and there are opportunities for snowfall in London.
The next Monday can reduce daylight temperatures -4C (25F). The weather researchers said that the cold weather was a "sudden stratospheric warming" weather.
With this weather, winds of many miles away from Earth and cold winds from East Europe come to Britain.

Last Monday was the highest temperature of the month.
The temperature in Cardiff was 14.2C (58F). Today's daytime temperatures (Jupiter) are 7C (45F), and Friday 6C (43F) will be 7C (45F) on Saturday. Sunday's daytime temperatures are expected to be 5C (41F) and Monday 4C (39F).

Dr Thomas Waite of the Public Health England's extreme events team has issued a notice.
Heart and lung diseases will have a severe impact on people over the age of 65 and children.
Do not forget that sometimes it can even lead to death.
So take care of people, neighbors, friends and relatives.
He also advised the heater to heat at least 18C in the house.

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