Brexit Echo: The rise of people leaving Britain

Brexit is thought to have caused a large number of European Union members to leave Britain.
The Office for National Statistics has revealed that in the last decade, some 130,000 people from the European Union have left Britain.
The same statistics indicate that the number of Britons who leave Britain is more than the number of Britons returning to Britain.
Very few of the European Union to Britain come to work.
In contrast, the British population is continuously increasing as the number of non-EU non-EU immigrants migrate to Britain.
Some 285,000 people who are not members of the European Union have arrived in Britain in the last 12 months until September last year. 80,000 people have left.
Are there any reasons other than Precussion to leave such people?
Is the idea that the European Union is not welcomed in Britain?
Is the reason for the uncertainties of their future or the fact that other European Union nations are strong?
However, the fact that a significant number of people are leaving Britain is undeniable.
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