A 300-year-old building collapsed by Britain's earthquake

300 years collapses after being hit by Britain's biggest earthquake

A 300-year-old building collapsed after a long earthquake that hit Britain 10 years ago.
A video released on these shows has now been drained. The building site in Cwmllynfell, which is located in the Wales area, has a stadium on a minute intervals that hit the earthquake.

The earthquake struck Britain at 2.20 am local time. The magnitude of the building collapsed at 2.26 pm at the Bow Village of Devon City, 185 miles away from the earthquake, which is reported to be 4.4 in the Richter scale.
No information has been made about the deaths and injuries even though many residents have been reported to be affected by the earthquake.
The fallen building in the city of Devon is said to be 300 years old.
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Building collapses after the earthquake...
A Mid Devon 'cob walled' cottage has collapsed this afternoon in the quaint mid Devon Village of Bow.
The 300 year old cottage lived in By A Mr Robert Crowley (who has featured in a Channel 5 Documentary Britain's Worst Neighbours) was in the back garden of the property when the building suddenly collapsed, Mid afternoon.
"I heard a Loud Rumble, and felt the ground shake followed by seeing the side of my house collapsed into the driveway", Mr Crowley lives with his 8 year old Jack Russell cross "Jackie".
In his view the unemployed Mr Crowley has been beset with bad luck and poor neighbours over the last decade.
Mr Crowley has also reported the latest act of aggression from his neighbours that was caught on CCTV - whereby they are seen hitting the side of his property with a large piece of wood as if to damage it and cause a weakness to the building.

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