3000 people sleeping on the streets of Paris: the results of the study

A survey last Thursday in Paris found that 3,000 homeless people were sleeping on the streets.
Participants of 1700 volunteers from Paris and about 300 officers took part in this study, preparing the statistics for the street to sleep on the streets and sleeping in the doorsteps and in the tent.
Vice Mayor Bruno Julliard, who published the results of the study, said, "This figure is not complete. Because homeless housing spaces such as car parks and buildings are not taken into consideration.
We do not know how many people slept in the tents, because we did not open them, "he said.
Speaking about this issue in July last year, Chancellor Emmanuel Macron promised to end the issue of sleeping on the streets of France by 2017. But he admitted last month that he failed to fulfill his promise.
Tourists coming from Paris to other countries as the peak of civilization are shocked by the poverty that exists in some parts of the capital.
In the meantime, the comments of the two parties who were not aware of what was happening in the country have made a great deal of controversy in political circles.
Urban Affairs Minister Julien Denormandie said last month that just about 50 people were sleeping in the streets in Paris, provoking the anger of the NGOs.
A few days later, Sylvain Maillard of the party had said that the oil was poured into the burning fire, "some even sleep in the streets while they're in the snow."
In response to the disputes, the McCarran government has said it has opened 13,000 emergency shelters.
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