Donald Trump ordered to stop Guantanamo prison closure plan

US President Trump has ordered the abolition of the Guantanamo military jail, which has been accused of a serious torture.

Trump announced his decision when he addressed the congressional congress of the country.

Far from the announcement of former US President Barack Obama, this decision has come to close this controversial prison in Cuba.

Since the 9/11 New York Twin Towers attack, the prison is being used by the US to block the US speculators as enemy combatants. But now there are only 41 prisoners.

In January 2002, the first prisoners were sent here. Since then more than 700 people have been imprisoned there. Many have been here without charge or criminal investigation.

This jail has been controversial since its opening.

During the Obama regime, hundreds were transferred from the jail. Human rights groups have complained about the situation here, amid allegations that torture is being tortured.

Within a year, the Obama administration ordered the closure of the prison. But, for eight years, the prisoners were confronted with the terms of the law.

In this case, a White House report confirms that Trump has ordered the shutdown of this prison.

"Terrorists are not merely criminals. They are illegal enemy fighters. They should be treated as terrorists they arrested abroad, '' Trump said in his speech.

"Trump has said," We have been foolishly released to meet dangerous extremists again on the battlefield. "

Trump's long term policy is to keep it open. In 2016, Trump said he wanted to fill some bad friends here.
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