Hamam Home Sweet Home Vijay TV Show - Satyaraj

The Show - Vijay TV brings you a new game show titled “New Hamam Home Sweet Home Powered by Arun Excello, launching on 04th March, 2011, airing every Friday and Saturday at 10 pm. The popular versatile actor Satyaraj enters the small screen through this complete entertainer on Vijay TV. Two teams comprising of three family members each would compete against each other every week for the grand prize “a home”.
Each participant is presented with a simple challenge that must be successfully completed within 60 seconds. Each game has a time limit of a minute and failure to finish the task on time will lead to elimination of the contestant from the team. At the completion of each task the contestant will win a cash prize. They are given nine simple tasks that give them prize money on completion. The prize money ranges from rupees five thousand to ten thousand, twenty five thousand, fifty thousand, seventy five thousand, one lac, two lacs, a new car and finally a home worth Rupees twenty lacs. As the money increases, so does the level of difficulty, and the excitement! With nine fun and exciting challenges selected to create each battle, there is never a dull moment, making Home Sweet Home the ultimate game show for all ages.

Host - Actor Sathyaraj a lead actor in Tamil film industry and is well known for his characters he has played in Tamil film as villain and the protagonist with a different touch to each of the roles. The actor is popular for his suave, nonchalant approach to depicting cruel villainy, avoiding indulgence in dramatic gestures. Sathyaraj who is popular for his comic timing and sense of humor takes the show to the next level by encouraging the participants and also making it a fun watch for viewers at home.
Sample Challenges
Poke – The participant and his partner have to stand in 10 feet distance. The borderline is not to be crossed by either of the participants. The participant throws the given balloons each at a time to his partner. The partner has to burst the balloons with the given needle.

Blow and Burst - The participants will have to blow and burst at least 6 balloons in 60 seconds.
Cups Topple - 10 paper cups will be placed on a flat platform.The participant will be given a balloon. He has to blow the balloon and topple the cups with the deflating air from the balloon. All 10 paper cups are to be toppled. The participant can blow the balloon and deflate as many times required within 60 sec.
So don’t miss out on this exciting and gripping game show presented by none other than the dynamic Satyaraj. “New Hamam Home Sweet Home Powered by Arun Excello” airing Friday –Saturday at 10pm only on Vijay TV

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