Akshara Haasan for London Olympics in 2012:Latin Ball Room competitive dance

Akshara Haasan, the youngest daughter of Kamal Haasan and Sarika,had settled down in Mumbai to pursue a career in filmmaking made a visit to Chennai recently to perform in a dance show.

"I left Chennai nine months ago it's been so long! I flew down to participate in this dance show for Koki, who has taught me dance since I was eight," says Akshara.

So you miss Chennai already?
"Of course I am! I didn't realise how much I missed Chennai until I came back for this performance. Earlier, I thought it was just the food. But now, I realise I've missed this place on the whole - from the city roads and landmarks to beaches and people. It's not just the place; I miss talking in Tamil as well. Before shifting to Mumbai, I would converse mostly in English. But now that I hardly have anyone to talk to in Tamil, I just keep scouting for opportunities to speak the language.

What are busy into now?
It is dance and filmmaking that keep Akshara going. In fact,I am is all set to participate in the Latin Ball Room competitive dance to be held in the London Olympics in 2012.

On the film front, I am assisting Bollywood director Rahul Dholakia in his film Society.I haven't done any course in filmmaking. I prefer learning everything on the job. In fact, I've already made three ad films with a couple of my friends

Interestingly, the film stars mother Sarika in a key role.

So, will you direct a film for your dad to act in her film?
Directing my dad is definitely on the cards, but not now. He's in a different league now and I can't afford to flounder. I can't call appa for a role and then mess it up!
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