Vijay Yesudas Singing is my life,Even After Avan release

Singer Vijay Yesudas, the second son of Gana Gandharvan K. J. Yesudas has been associated with music since childhood, the glare of the limelight is nothing new. The only difference is, after he ventured into acting with the Malayalam movie Avan directed by Nandan Kavi, there has been a lot of speculation about his future plans.

In Avan, Vijay Yesudas is playing the role of an established singer who takes part in a reality show of a popular channel, while Bala(Kadhaal Kisu Kisu fame) is the second hero.

But Vijay dismissed all doubts. “Singing is my life. Though I have not yet reached a saturation point, nor have I attained great heights with my talent, I would want to be known first and foremost as a good singer.”

In that case, why the sudden switch to acting? “This role was actually meant to happen three years ago, but at the time I had not even created a name for myself in singing, so I did not want to deviate,” explains Vijay,

“The reason I jumped at it was because I just had to be myself — a singer,” he adds.

What if you are approached by a big banner in Tamil?

“Well, I would ask them to think twice, more than anything,” chuckles the singer, adding, “If it happened, my main clause would be ‘no heroines’ because my family would not be very comfortable with the idea. Probably if I have to play a singer or something close to that, I would agree. But I wouldn’t jump at playing the action hero or villain!” he laughs.

When asked about his future plans, Vijay responds, “I don’t believe in planning because in this field, you never know what pops up when. I have a long way to go in terms of music, which is what I am aiming at now. I was recently nominated for the best singer in Malayalam and Tamil and the best part is I was competing with my father, which is a big thing. At least I was on the nominations list.”

Vijay is looking forward to favourable reactions to the tracks he has sung in Maapillai by Mani Sharma, Seedan by Dheena as well as Boss Engira Bhaskaran for Yuvan Shankar Raja.

As for his younger brother Vishal’s wedding he says, “The reception will be at Cochin and all the actors will be attending it.”
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