Anjali with Debut Director Mu Kalanjiam

Anjali who made a modest entry in telugu film Photo in 2006 came up a the critically acclaimed performance in 'Kattrathu Thamizh' opposite Jeeva and now she has become a star after 'Angadi Theru'. But her first film was with Mu. Kalanjiam who spotted Anjali even before ‘Kattrathu Thamizh’ and was all set to launch the terrific actress with a film titled 'Sathamintri Muthamidu'. Also Director Kalanjiam had plans to launch Anjali in Tamil with a new name as Sundari.

But later ‘Sathamintri Muthamidu’ was shelved and with a new name Anjali moved on to do ‘Kattrathu Thamizh’ and the rest is known history. But Kalanjiam had signed Anjali for four films even before the turn of fortunes happened with ‘Angadi Theru’.

Now with Anjali’s star value on the rise, Mu. Kalanjiam has decided to revive his projects. At first he will launch ‘Karungali. In which he is also launching himself as the hero. Kalanjiam hopes the presence of Anjali will give his career also a boost to take up his other films.
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