Comedy Actor Vadivelu Joins DMK (திராவிட முன்னேற்றக் கழகம்)

Close on the heels of actress Khushboo aligning herself with the DMK(திராவிட முன்னேற்றக் கழகம்), comedy actor Vadivelu might soon join DMK is strongly rumoured in kollywood arena. It is worth mentioning here that Vadivelu had recently met with CM Karunanidhi to seek his blessings for acting in Kalaignar's "Ilaignan" movie and Singamuthu was arrested followed this.

Some time ago when Vadivelu had a clash with Vijayakanth he had said that he will be contesting in the elections against Vijayakanth to defeat him and also claimed that he has more fans and fame than Vijayakanth.

Vadivelu's close sources have adviced Vadivelu to join the ruling party to get rid of his all controversies and to make his pathway to political entry.

But Vadivelu on this news said, "I was not forced to join DMK. I do not have any plans to jump politics till now. I would like to make the people happy as a common man. But If i decide to join DMK, nothing can prevent me to do so."

No smoke without fire!!!. It is expected that Vadivelu will join DMK in the near future.

The bubbly actress Kushboo reportedly took instructions and guidance from the famed dance choreographer before deciding to align herself with the DMK. Now that she’s into the party, Khushboo has asked dance master Kala too to join her at the party in the near future, to which Kala is said to have expressed her nod. Last heard, the announcement to this effect may be out soon!
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