Ajith Kumar at Monza, Italy with a personal best lap time

Ajith Kumar had an eventful Race 1 at Monza, Italy for the Round 5 of the F2 Championship on May 22. Qualifying at P20 out of 21 drivers, Ajith completed the race in 14th position with his personal best lap time of 1:46.500.

Says Ajith, "I feel proud and privileged to race amongst some of the best drivers in the championship, especially our own country's Armaan Ebrahim and Parthiva Sureshwaran. I am thrilled to be racing on this excellent circuit in Monza, Italy and am happy that I have completed the race in 14th Position. I hope to do better in Round 6."

In Race 2 on May 23, Ajith Kumar started at P20 and finished the race at 15th place with a personal best lap time of 1:46.211. Says Ajith, "I had a perfect race this time without getting involved in any incidents. I maintained my pace throughout the race and managed to not get lapped. At the end of this weekend, I can say that the overall exercise was very productive and I am confident of doing much better in the forthcoming rounds."

While Fellow country men Armaan ebrahim and Parthiva Sureshwaren finished the race at 5 and 11 place
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