Vijayakanth’s Captain TV Launched April 14 2010 in Chennai

With the launch of Captain TV, Vijaykanth DMDK President, Tamil Film Industry Ex-president and Tamil actor turned politician is latest in Tamil politics to start his own TV channel. Vijayakanth has set up office of Captain TV in sub urban area of Chennai. The TV channel has got rights of more than 100 movies. The citizen journalist of the channel will be located in each constituency.

Captain TV will air Tamil movies from Monday to Friday and will have dubbed English movie in Tamil on Saturday. On Sunday, Captain TV will air latest Tamil Movies. Other programmes on the channel will be news and reality shows etc. The TV venture will have investment from various investor unlike other TV channels of politicians where they themselves hold major stake. The actor has been working for more than one year to start his own TV channel. His brother in law who also produced super hit movies for Vijyakanth is playing main role in launching theCaptain TV.

Usually TV channels are widely used in Tamil Nadu to reach out to voters during election time. Already Jayalalitha has Jaya TV and DMK has control over SUN TV.
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