Anushka as Ghost in Muni-2 and Aaptha Rakshaka’ remake in Telugu

It seems Anushka is the first choice of Tollywood films when it comes to playing ghostly characters.

Anushka gave a stunning performance that she frightened the audience with ‘Arundhathi’ and then she was signed by Lawrencce to play the ghostly character in Muni-Part II.

Now we hear even director P. Vasu who is remaking his Kannada blockbuster ‘Aaptha Rakshaka’ in Telugu with Venkatesh has also gone for Anushka to play the supernatural heroine.But Bollywood Anushka Varma was the first choice for Vasu. But the delay in her giving commitment made him move towards Anushka.
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Whatever it may be Anushka will do some shock treatment to all for some more time.
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