Ajith Kumar qualifies for the Silverstone race after finishing 20th in the test rounds

Ajith kumar is currently camping in Europe to take part in the FIA Formula 2 [F2]Championship 2010. It seems he has done well now, after the first round test that was held on April 6th in Snetterton where he finished 22nd.

The second round test was held on April 12th in Silverstone in which he captured the 20th position. With the star capturing the 20th spot, he is expected to take part in the first race that is scheduled to be held from April 16 to 18 in Silverstone.

Meanwhile news come out due to Ajith's films postponment Gautham Menon has moved to Bollywood for the Kakka Remake. Ajith seems to be very much focussed on race than films.

Watch Ajith race at cruise at around 260 kmph, the dial in thh car board reads in mph

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