Vikram in smiles on the way ‘Raavan’ is shaped by Mani Ratnam

It was something the cast and crew would never forget! It concerns Bollywood star Abhishek Bachchan and South Indian superstar Vikram, who play lead roles in ace Mani Ratnam's big budget Raavan, being simultaneously made in Tamil, Hindi and Telugu.

Vikram is all smiles about the way ‘Raavan’ is being shaped up by Mani Ratnam. The ‘Cheeyan’ says the film is going to be a milestone in his career sine he is playing the protagonist in the Tamil version and antagonist in the Hindi version, which has not been attempted so far by any actor.

“This shows the immense faith Mani sir had on me. I was stunned to see myself in two different attitudes within minutes. And I made others on the sets too surprised. It’s all because of the master of perfection- Mani Ratnam,” he says.

Admiring Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, the leading lady of the film, he says, “She is stunningly beautiful and a thorough professional. Her dance movements were amazing. And the chemistry we shared for the film was great. One could feel it while watching the movie on screen."

Saying he became a very good friend of Abhishek Bachch, his other co-star in 'Raavan', Vikram says, "But Abhishek knew me very well even before 'Raavan' happened. He said he had seen 'Dhil', 'Dhool' and 'Sami' many times."

Talking to a news daily, a close source said: "There was a vital sequence in which Vikram had to climb down a 2000 feet high cliff. Action director Sham Kaushal had taken all necessary precautions to make sure there was minimal risk involved for the actors but he didn’t know Vikram had a vertigo problem. Being a thorough professional, Vikram did not outright refuse to do the shot, but his anxiety while doing the rehearsals was sensed by co-star Abhishek Bachchan, with whom he shares a great working relationship."

Incidentally, it was Abhishek who stepped up by volunteering to do the risky stunt himself. “Despite not being required for the shot, Abhishek began climbing down the mountain and asked Vikram to follow suit. All the while, Abhishek, who was not in the frame, showed by example how the shot should be done. Vikram, who was feeling much more relaxed about the whole thing, then gave a perfect shot,” added the source.

While Vikram could not be reached for comment, an official spokesperson of the film confirmed, "It’s true. Such an incident did happen." Raavan is complete and the post production work is in full swing.
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