Rajini’s devotional gift to Dhanush

We all know Dhanush is a director’s actor who doesn’t use the name of his legendary father-in-law to get his things done. At the same time he follows the advices of Rajini to the hilt.

Dhanush can be spotted these days wearing a valuable ‘rudraksha’ mala. Sources say that was a gift from the super star to his son-in-law on his third wedding anniversary. Dhanush holds this special gift very close to his heart. He never removes it except doing while doing intimate scenes on camera for his films. That was the clear advice given by the super star and Dhanush religiously follows it. The ‘rudraksha’ was in fact given to Rajinikanth by Dayanandha Saraswathi and the super star gifted to his son-in-law later according to sources very close to the families.
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