Gautham Menon can do only urbane films

Goutham Menon has categorically said he will do only urbane films and not anything else. Reacting to a section of the media which complained ‘VTV’ had too many English words in its dialogues, Goutham said he knows to make only this type of films and he doesn’t know how to make films which are not metropolitan.

It is interesting to note that right from his first film ‘Minnale’ all the films of Goutham - Kaakha Kaakha, Vettaiyadu Villaiyadu, Pachaikili Muthucharam, Varanam Aayiram and Vinnaithandi Varuvaya – are very sophisticated and stylish catering to mostly A-centre audience.

At the same time he also agreed some people didn’t like the movie but he will try and work harder in his next movie to satisfy those audiences who didn’t like ‘VTV’ as well.
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