Ajith Kumar ready for Formula 2 which begins on April

Ajith is ready for the Formula 2 season this year which would be taking place all over Europe. After the release of Asal, the issue in the CM congragulating function, Ajith was put in a dilemma whether to continue acting or to concentrate on car races. The issue became so massive that the CM himself came down to put a full stop to the issue. The question whether Ajith would continue to act or move on to race still exists in the minds of fans.

News came out that Ajith next movie is yet to titled, under the direction of Gautham Vasudev Menon. It seems that the shooting for the film is not going to start for now. Gautham Menon is going to do the 'Kakka Kakka' film in Hindi first. Ajith is also getting ready for the Formula 2 races which starts from April. News have come out that, Ajith is in intense practice session for the race which would be going on upto October.

Some Images form Ajith's Previous Races

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