100th woman's day wishes and kollywood actress share their comments

Thank all the women in your life today. Just like the happenings in our own day to day life, women sentiments and relationships have always been an essential ingredient in Tamil cinema. March 8th is celebrated as woman's day all over the world. This day is some what more special as it's the 100th woman's day. Here are some interesting comments, the present film industry actresses wanted to share.

Every day is special for a woman and each day is woman's day. Be it mother,sister,wife each day her work starts with a cup of coffee to all in the family. There is a woman behind the success of each man. Its proud that March 8th is celebrated as woman's day in India. I like Indira Gandhi a lot. Next, I like my mother very much. I wouldn't have been here without her. I feel very proud to be born as a woman. I wish all the women in the world.

For me every day is woman's day only. I have good support both inside and outside of my house.So only I am able to do more work. My mother looks after all my needs, which makes me to concentrate well on cinema. I haven't faced any big problem so far. I dont have anything less to live on. Women should improve and achieve great heights. They have to bring more laurels to the country.

We should feel proud to be born as woman. In present situation, women are equal to men in all fields. For example, Kalpana, Sunitha, Sania Mirza..We can tell a huge list of personalities like them. The have taken the country to world heights. They have given us the courage that we can also do the same. I feel very proud. All women should come out of their shell without fear.

According to me, there is still male dominance in our country. Hope these situations will be covered soon. The basic reason is the ego. Men should treat women as equal. If men are not there,women are not there. They can achieve everything individually. I am very happy to be born as woman. I wish all the same.

Though women tell they won, they achieved. In India the reason for women to come out is men. Men are working a lot to improve the status of women in the society. In my family, my father and brother help me a lot. Because of them only I am in the industry. In each every family, the father, brother, husband should help the women. They will achieve great heights.

There is some power in women, is what i feel. Women are there in every field.The control of a family is in the hands of the grandmother only. Women have great amount of respect. Women are now well aware of the outside world. No one is willing to stay back at home. I have my mother support a lot. Likewise, each women requires a support. I would like to ask to men onething on this occassion. Please treat everyone as equals without ego.
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