Vijay Supports Ajith:“Ajith is an open book"

In the recent controversy over Ajith and artist privacy issue Ajith has got support from an unexpected colleague. Though he is considered a professional rival to Ajith, Ilaya Thalapathi Vijay has come out in support of Ajith our sources reveal. Vijay has reportedly talked to V C Guhanathan for Ajith.

What did he speak?
Vijay had apparently said to FEFSI President “Ajith is an open book and he never speaks anything with hidden motives. He always speaks from his heart. The non-issue was blown out of proportion only by media”. Vijay also has requested V C Guhanathan to let the issue go and not take any further actions by FEFSI.

Meanwhile, some other reports say, even the chief minister did not like the idea of issuing “red cards” to Rajini and Ajith. Reports also said the meeting of Ajith with the CM was cordial and the CM listened to Ajith’s point of view in the whole episode with concern.
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