Marma Desam -Vidathu Karuppu- Episodes[All 1-51] online

The serial Vidathu Karuppu, oscillates between the past and the present. The Past History:- The story revolves around the family of Anaimudi and Kuthirai Naicker. Bullakku Pecchi, mother of Anaimudi, drives Kuthirai Naicker's family to suicide by her greed. Naicker appeals to Karuppu, the village deity for justice before he commits suicide. In a sudden turn of events, Bullakku Pecchi vanishes and is presumed dead, and Anaimudi's family comes under the dictates of Karuppu who speaks through the village priest. At the same time the only surviving member of the Naicker family arrives from Lanka. From that day the deity decides the matters of the family.The present:- Ratna , the daughter of Anaimudi now a house surgeon in love with Arvind her colleague, returns to the village to seek the sanction of the diety for her love. She is accompanied by her friend Reena.The events and beliefs of the people in the village confuse Reena. The mystery takes the viewers to the depths of human mind, its beliefs, dereliction and desires, in a homegrown thriller format, using the elements of mythology, folklore and legends of the Tamil people.The serial does a tight ropewalk between the rational and the irrational. The fear of immediate retribution, an aspect of older society relevant even today is played to the hilt to evoke fear and interest.

Episodes 1 - 50

Episode 51 - End

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